Thursday, March 8, 2007

67 - The Virtue of Humility

67 - The Virtue of Humility, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.

Humility (modesty, opposes pride) -
Modest behavior, selflessness, and the giving of respect. Giving credit where credit is due; not unfairly glorifying one's own self.

This whole week has been one where God has been the one to get all the glory for everything because there is no way that I could have lived this week apart from Him. Today was the clincher. I was brought to my knees and thought that this is humility: the realization that I'm not God. I want to defer all to Him, and this symbolizes my heart's desire.


Sandie said...

Carol, This one is perfect! I have been really trying to visualize humility all week I thought it would be the toughest to photograph without explaination, but I knew as soon as I saw the image which virtue it was! Awesome Job!

SusansPlace said...

Oh my Carol....I love the dog-eared Bible and hands and perfect for humility!


MaryD said...

Carol, I love the way you are incorporating the virtues into your pictures and your life. I've been gone but just want you to know I'm sad for you at all the burdens you are receiving at the moment, thankful that you are there, and that God will give you grace and strength for each moment as you seek Him in humility.


julieunplugged said...

Ditto Susan. I almost see you rocking back and forth.

Your photo challenge is going swimmingly!

Billie said...

This is just beautiful. Thanks for posting it.

Dancingirl365 said...

Yes, perfect shot for humility, on your knees, hands clasped, worn Bible open. On our knees before the God who knows infinitely more than we know and loves infinitely more than we love.

You have done such a good job with the virtues.

Dalissa 365 said...

Perfect, Carol.

Katrina365 said...

Great job with all the virtues, but I *really* like this one. :)