Monday, September 20, 2010

Excited for 2011

It has been great to take a year off of 365, but I really miss it. So, I am going to gather some friends and do it again. This time, I am going back to the original vision of 2007 and pick out a photo a day from all my pictures instead of just having 365 over the course of the year. It keeps me on top of things to do it every single day. I was a better photographer because of it.

I have a new D-90 camera for it too.

Still debating about whether I will just do it all on Flickr though. It is easier than transferring over to blogger, but I love the look of blogger. Still pondering that one. It would save me much more time to keep it at Flickr, and I can still do the daily journaling on Flickr too.

What do you think?