Friday, March 2, 2007

61 - The Virtue of Liberality

61 - Liberality, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.

Liberality - will, generosity, opposes greed, —
Generosity. Willingness to give. A nobility of thought or actions.

I was on the cell phone, land line phone, or email for most of the day communicating with people who practice the virtue of liberality. The number of people who want to give to Bruce and Mary Beth's trip to New York is overwhelming. One woman from Pennsylvania wanted to set up and pay for a dinner at Tavern on the Green at Central Park, another wanted to treat them to a carriage ride and paid for a Lincoln Towne Car and driver to pick them up at the airport. Others called to say that they were sending money. Others expressed their desire to pray.

I stand amazed at the liberality of people today.


LauraLiz said...

This is a great example! I printed out the definitions and have not even given them serious consideration yet.

It's been so nice to hear of everyone's desire to support this family.

Sandie said...

This is so cool and you really did capture it very well! You all are blessed to have amazing people like this in your life and it is so wonderful of you to coordinate and make sure it gets done!

SusansPlace said...

I love the way you captured you day and the blessing of it all!


Paula said...

Wow, that's awesome.