Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Reading Room of Solace

My Reading Room of Solace

This is my favorite spot in Corvallis for some quiet down time. It is the Corvallis Benton County Public Library Reading Room. It used to be the old library, and I used to come here and study in college. I stopped there on Saturday for an hour on my walk back home after book club and again for over an hour between dropping George off for set up for the Perspectives class and going to class. It always calms me, and I love the way the sun comes through the windows.


Susanne Barrett said...

I can absolutely understand why you're drawn to this reading room, Carol. It's so peaceful and light and bookish, with comfy chairs begging to be curled up in. What a lovely, lovely spot! I'm not sure I would ever leave. :)

You are blessed to have such a place so near your home.

SUSAN said...

I adore this room, Carol. I remember seeing a picture of it long ago and thought I would like to live there. :-)


Colleen said...

What an fantastic spot, Carol! We have a nice and fairly new (I want to say it was built five years ago?) library, but I'm partial to classic old buildings. This room has so much character. Love it!

Katrina said...

I love it! I would never want to leave! :)