Monday, January 7, 2008

Michael's Fedora & Trench Coat

Favorite Picture of Week 1 taken on January 7

Michael, Paul, and Isaac decided to make a "gangster" funny movie. When cleaning out my mom's closet, I was going to get rid of this trench coat, but my sister-in-law encouraged me to take it. I am so glad she did! Michael's eyes BEAMED when he saw it. He has always wanted a trench coat for their movie making!

His birthday is not until January 24, but Paul found the perfect birthday present to compliment his trench coat: a FEDORA! When we knew they were doing a movie, Paul quickly gave him his present early! He was THRILLED, and I love this picture of him!


Katrina365 said...

Love it!!

Colleen said...

Too fun!

SusansPlace said...

OK, before I read "gangsta", I was thinking "secret agent". ;-)