Tuesday, January 1, 2008

28 Inch Steelhead From Heaven

Steelhead Fish From Heaven, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.

On my day of prayer, I prayed that God would just bless George with "fish from heaven" on his fishing trip on New Year's Day. I laughed when he called me from the Alsea River all EXCITED that he caught two bright Steelhead Salmon (Ocean going rainbow trout for those of you who care) that he could KEEP because they are hatchery fish. In Oregon, we can't keep the wild ones. He had a GREAT day. I can't find the ones he took on the river. When I do. I will post them too. It was an exciting day for all of us as we FEASTED on this for dinner!


Katrina365 said...

Great catch!

Colleen said...

This is really super silly of me, particularly as a native of the Pacific NW, but I just can not *stand* eating fish I've seen caught. I should be happy, when we camp, that my second son reels in dinner, but no. Like I said, it's silly!