Thursday, January 3, 2008

Car Reflections

Car Reflections, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.

Loved the sky in the reflection on my window.


Colleen said...

All these years I've heard you mention your Suburban and for some reason I thought it was brown...?! Neat how you captured the sky like that.

SusansPlace said...

I LOVE reflections! In fact my photo today is about reflections. Very cool shot.


Carol said...

Yes, Colleen. You are right. We DID have a brown Suburban for about ten years. We got this one in November 0f 2003. :)

The old one was about 200,000 miles, and the people fixing it said it was getting to hard to find parts to fix it and recommended we upgrade.

It was so hard to say good-bye to it. We have so many miles of happy memories in that car!