Wednesday, December 26, 2007

358 - The Simplicity of the Stable

Monday, December 24, 2007

Before I turned out the living room lights I looked at Mary and Joseph who had just made it to the stable and are awaiting the coming of the Christ like the rest of us.

Today was a day of beauty for me from beginning to end: sleeping in and going to Group Power weight lifting with my favorite instructor, Angie, seeing the gloomy clouds disappear through the cathedral windows in the new exercise room and blue sky emerge, deciding to run outside in the sunshine (after so many days of solid rain) instead of inside on the treadmill, spying a beautiful brook that had emerged through a forest of trees and bright green grass, running through some old running trails near my old house, basking in the sun as I listened to Michael W. Smith's Christmas album on my iPod and worshiping the God who made us all, coming home to a wonderful family, gathering around the advent wreath and singing, and, finally, relaxing with them as we watched movies and ate pizza.

It was a peaceful and wonderful Christmas Eve.

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