Tuesday, December 18, 2007

352 - Swedish Spritz Perfection

352 - Swedish Spritz, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.

My mom used to make Spritz cookies for us every Christmas as her mom did before her. We carry on that tradition only GEORGE is the one who usually makes them. He presented them to me on this lovely Christmas plate so I had to take a picture because it looked so pretty!

Last year, catastrophe rocked the "W" household when our Pampered Chef Cookie Press ring BROKE in the middle of the process! This year was saved without having to purchase a whole new press thanks to my friend and Pampered Chef consultant, Dorothy. She was able to replace the ring for only $3! Really, don't mess around with those laborious metal cookie presses. Buy the Pampered Chef one if you want flawless and easy Spritz cookies everytime.


Sandie said...

I can get my wreaths and flowers to usually look like wreaths and flowers, but my trees never look like trees and my snowflakes never look like snowflakes!!! These are beautiful. I love my cookie press too, even though I only get it out a couple times a year.

Carol said...

Really, it is all about that man I married, George. He is somewhat of an artist in a statisticians body. He puts me to shame in his ability to do things like this. I don't know how he gets them so perfect. Mine look terrible. So, I gave up making them years ago. He has already done two batches of sugar cookies too that are flawless. He makes sure he remembers all the times and how to get them out of the cutters and look great.

I only handle the St. Nicholas Day cookies, and even then, my friend usually does it while I am the "support" person.

Bread is my thing and all other baking is left to George because he just LOVES to do it. I think I got out of the habit of baking as a single woman because I would just EAT them all up. So, I just don't tempt myself by baking other than drop cookies (can't mess those up) every now and then. :)

(That was WAY too long)