Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Junior Harbor Patrol Honorees!

Here is our funny story:

While waiting for the trolley to go to the trailhead, Harbor Patrolman Pointdexter came walking by the trolley stop. I asked him when it would come.

He said, "Soon, we are on Avalon time here."

We got to talking, and he whispered to me, "Those people with you aren't going on your hike are they? I don't want to have to go up and rescue them. You would not believe how many people I have had to go up and rescue on that trail because they weren't in good enough shape or didn't bring water."

I assured him that those people were just taking the trolley to the Wrigley's Gardens and were not part of our party. Then he said,

"Hey, I'm going up to the fire station right now. I'll give you a ride up to the trailhead!"

YEAH! We piled in his Harbor Patrol car. We noticed all his Search and Rescue equipment in the back, and he asked if we had water because he didn't want to have to come up and rescue us. We assured him that we had more than enough.

He dropped us off, and we started our hike. We kept hearing a large group of youth up in front of us. When we were very close to the top, we came across one of those youth (the girl in the previous photo) suffering from the lack of hiking preparation Officer Poindexter had warned us about! Good thing we had more than enough water because we were able to share it with her, along with our oranges that helped get her blood sugar up again. We left her in the hands of the Search and Rescue people, but our friend, Officer Poindexter, was not with them. As we were rounding the backside of the isaland, a second Search and Rescue vehicle came up the road, and Officer Poindexter yells out the window,

"I thought it was you!"

My friend, Elizabeth, and I bursed into laughter, especially since we knew that the call indicated that it was a 98 pound female and neither of us are anywhere near that weight being that I am 6' 2" and Beth is 6'!

We came down the hill through the Wrigley's Gardens gate just as the ambulance was taking our girl away, and guess who was there? Officer Poindexter! I asked him,

"Since when do either of us look like a 98 pound female?"

He responded, "I get inaccurate descriptions all the time!"

We had a good laugh and a photo with our nice officer.

The highlight was getting "Junior Harbor Patrol" pins that we will wear with pride!

Thank you Officer Poindexter for being the highlight of our cruise!

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