Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love on Valentine's Day

Love on Valentine's Day, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.

We went to the local men's homeless shelter with a bunch of other homeschoolers to leave cookies, candies, and Valentine's on their beds while they were out. I didn't know this until we arrived, but this shelter is what used to be the sorority where, Teala (365 Jan 1 2007), was the housemom. It has been transformed.

Sadly, this time next year, it will be torn down and condominiums will be built in its place. :(


MangyCat said...

Such a great ministry! I bet those Dads were pleasantly surprised.

That is so sad that the shelter will be torn down for the purpose of condos. Where will all those homeless men go?

Carol said...

That is a good question. I don't know!

Donna said...

What an amazing experience for your children!